Choosing a React UI Component Library for Enterprise

My team is in the process of building a new product on the React framework and we have the opportunity to check out some new front-end tech. So what do you really need to pick out an enterprise UI library?

A Process ✅

Your organization will need a plan to get the proper tools selected and then implemented across all of your teams.

Our process looked something like this

Discover your needs 🔎

List out all the interface requirements you may need. It's better to get as wide as possible here and list everything you could think of. Some of the requirements UX came up with weren't supported by any library… but then again, some of those outlier features were!

Once you know your needs, find a list of popular libraries and start checking their documentation to see if your needed features are covered. You'll quickly be able to eliminate some out right away.

Here is a snapshot from my list of needed features

We explored 15 of the top free and paid UI libraries,



Observe Trends 📈

It's important to strategize and ask questions like,

Here are some easy ways to compare usage statistics,

Github Stars

Stack Overflow Searches

Google Search Trends

Region 🌎

Expenses & Licensing 🏷

Figma/Sketch support 🎨


Choosing what's best for your product is a process and it involves other teams in your organization. Discover your needs, explore trends, language and design support, and ask important questions about licensing. Your specific needs must be weighed against popularity to make this strategic choice.

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