ChatGPT, Your Biased UX Research Assistant

If you're like me, your probably wondering to what extent ChatGPT is coming for your job. And at the same exact time, wondering how you can utilize it to get ahead. So how useful is an NLP like Open AI's ChatGPT to a UX designer or UX researcher?

(As this a fast-evolving technology, please keep in mind the time this was posted.)

UX Abilities 🤖

A few UX Limitations ⚠️

Conclusion 🤔

Will ChatGPT take my UX job? No, it's not able to do that yet. That said, ChatGPT is a great generative and researching tool that can help you move faster. Since creating my account, I've been using it just about every workday.

Here is what I've found are the best uses for ChatGPT in UX Research and Design

I like to think of ChatGPT as Wikipedia-quality research (without the sources listed at the bottom…). Sounds terrifying right? ChatGPT can't even provide the resources it used to train itself! If you ask it to do so, it will just provide some similar web search results (Similar to asking questions from Google or Siri).

ChatGPT's assumptions do not substitute for real user research. Plain and simple.

Do you trust this AI as a subject matter expert? Chat GPT most likely does not have access to your customers! Your customer's issues are constantly changing. Your users are not a generic conglomerate of the past. You will miss out on the unique pain points and opportunities your users have today! Even with this new tool, you will still need to conduct interviews on the regular. ChatGPT may help answer a few of your initial questions, but it will most likely become a new threat toward genuine user empathy.

**None of this writing was generated using GPT 🤞
But how will you know for sure? (Farewell…)

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